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We're on a mission to share the stories behind the food & beverage brands that are making a positive impact on the world...because where you spend your money matters. Here are just some of the food & beverage brands we love.

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Dave’s Killer Bread is a line of organic, non-GMO breads (power-packed with seeds and whole grain nutrition) that supports Second Chance Employment which means they hire the best person for the job, regardless of criminal history. They even started the DKB Foundation to inspire and support other businesses to adopt this model as well.


DEFY is a black-owned, veteran-owned, and woman-owned performance beverage line that is leading the way in CBD infused drinks. The line also includes a non-CBD high-performance alkaline water. We love that they offer exclusive discounts for veterans and active-duty servicemen and women and work with various veteran service organizations including Warrior Wishes. 

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Everybody Water is a line of drinking water in eco-friendly cartons that donates a portion of their profits to support clean water projects so women and girls don’t have to spend hours and hours carrying water back to their homes and can instead attend school, earn incomes, and dream big.

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Tony’s Chocolonely is a line of chocolate bars dedicated to ending modern slavery and illegal child labor in the chocolate industry by offering fair wages to their cocoa farmers and raising awareness globally.

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