• Darlene Carenza

22 Steps to Sustainability in 2022

Shop these products that give back to our planet 🌎

Photo: Plastic Pollution Banner courtesy of Mable, Sustainable Bathroom Essentials
Photo: Mable, Sustainable Bathroom Essentials

We can all make better choices to help protect our planet and the environment we live in, but how? It can seem overwhelming, and many people don’t even know where to start.

Don’t stress, we have you covered with these 22 steps to take towards sustainability in 2022. Our advice: start with a few changes that you can make right away and go from there.

How many are you checking off your list this year?

  1. Switch to reusable coffee cups (and avoid single-use plastic cups and lids)

  2. Carry reusable bags when shopping

  3. Use bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic

  4. Use refillable razors (vs. plastic disposables)

  5. Refuse plastic water bottles

  6. Switch to a refillable deodorant

  7. Shop local whenever possible (to reduce the need for packaging and transportation)

  8. Shop at thrift stores (and donate your clothes there too!)

  9. Wrap leftover foods in beeswax wraps

  10. Buy bamboo toilet paper

  11. Use refillable cleaning supplies (and avoid buying single use plastic bottles)

  12. Bring your own containers for leftovers when you eat out

  13. Skip the plastic (and paper) plates, cups and utensils and go reusable

  14. Try chewable toothpaste tablets (vs. plastic toothpaste tubes)

  15. Ditch pads and tampons and use menstrual cups or period underwear (trust us, you’ll be glad you did)

  16. Don’t buy things you don’t need (this is a tough one 😉)

  17. Wear clothes from sustainable fashion brands

  18. Strut your stuff in sustainable footwear

  19. Start composting

  20. Walk, bike, carpool or take public transportation whenever you can

  21. Watch the documentary series @Earthspeed by @adriangrenier (on IGTV) and The Plastic Ocean and Our Planet (on Netflix), and follow activists like @robjgreenfield and @plasticfreemermaid for more ideas

  22. Check out Winni’s list of brands that give back to the planet and buy from brands that have committed to reducing their environmental footprint


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