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Unique Places to Stay on Each Continent

When looking forward to a vacation, I’m usually focused on the adventures to plan, with the lodging being the less exciting part to book. However, these unique accommodations, one on each continent, will have you excited to stay in a sky pod, tent, treehouse or dare I say…igloo? Get ready to check in to these seven unique accommodations that are worlds apart from your typical hotel room.

Winni Wanderer | Unique Places to Stay on Each Continent

Africa – Luxury Safari Tents

Africa is well known for safaris, which of course brings to mind tents as a typical accommodation. The luxury tents offered by Sanctuary Retreats are on a whole other level. They feature elegant hardwood flooring, an outdoor deck to enjoy your morning cup of coffee, and the privacy of an ensuite bathroom with a personal attendant to prepare bucket showers to rinse off the dust from the day. Head over to the canopy community to have meals with other travelers or enjoy a private dining tent wing off the main dining area. We weren’t ‘lion’ about these fancy digs.

Head over to Sanctuary Retreats to see for yourself!

Winni Wanderer | Unique Places to Stay on Each Continent

Antarctica – Adventure & Explorer Camps If the words barren and uninhabitable come to mind when you think of Antarctica, then these White-Desert camps and their available activities will change your mind. Wolf’s Fang, Echo, and Whichaway are all Antarctic camps that are reached by private jet. All three camps have their own distinct theme: Whichaway is listed as luxury (but seriously, they all are luxurious), Wolf’s Fang is the adventure camp (also the hub at which the planes arrive), and Echo’s theme and décor are inspired by space exploration. All the camps have activities available such as, riding fat bikes on an explorer’s loop, ice climbing, arctic truck safari, and mountaineering expeditions to name a few. Want to build a snowman?

Don’t take my word for it, see White-Desert for more info

Winni Wanderer | Unique Places to Stay on Each Continent

Asia - Floating Villas

From different locations in Thailand, you can take a car, train or private transfer to get to the FloatHouse River Kwai in Thailand. It is exactly what it sounds like, a villa floating on the famous River Kwai. Dine at the Pontoon Restaurant and Floating Bar with great river views. Take a long-tailed boat trip, go canoeing, explore the Lawa Cave in Saiyok National Park – all of which are listed as onsite activities to enjoy during your stay. Feeling a little adventurous? Go offsite and visit the Treetop Adventure Park, Hellfire Pass walking trails and Memorial Museum, or get a bit of Thai culture at the Tham Sue Temple. Thai food anyone? Float on over to FloatHouse River Kwai

Winni Wanderer | Unique Places to Stay on Each Continent

Australia – Rainforest Treehouse

Did you know that in the “Land Down Under” you can stay in a treehouse? The treehouses at Silk Oaks Lodge are in the Daintree Rainforest and offer views of the Mossman River or the rainforest itself. Taking rainforest walks, dining on fresh, local ingredients in the trees, and getting a massage in the spa are all ways to take advantage of the environment. Plus, with close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, Cape Tribulation, and Mossman Gorge there is much to explore. Personally, this is one treehouse I’d love in my backyard.

Climb on up and check out Silk Oaks Lodge

Winni Wanderer | Unique Places to Stay on Each Continent

Europe – Glass Igloos

Picture this…it’s a frosty arctic night and you are snuggled up in a cozy glass igloo gazing up at the brilliant Northern Lights. Sound like your idea of a getaway? Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland is known for their unique lodging – glass igloos, traditional igloos and log chalets. Their adventure offerings are even more exciting with husky safaris, reindeer safaris, aurora hunting, and hiking in the Ukk National Park which is part of arctic fell country and the mythical home of Father Christmas. Lace up your Muk Luks, get ready for the sky show, and snuggle a husky or two.

Winni Wanderer | Unique Places to Stay on Each Continent

North America – Mountain Cave

Can cave dwelling be synonymous with luxury? At Beckham Creek Cave Lodge the resounding answer is – yes! Located in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas, this home is located within a bluff overlooking a valley and boasts a natural waterfall inside one of the main rooms. Although you are tucked into a cave, natural light pours in through a myriad of windows at the entrance, and the cavernous ceiling gives an open concept feeling throughout. Although the accommodations are self-serve, meaning bring your own food and beverages, there are resources to book a private chef or catering for your stay. Outdoor activities include the disc golf course, cornhole, horseshoes, and walking trails. There is even a helipad for guests who choose to arrive by helicopter. So, leave your caveman club at home as this cave retreat is upscale.

Learn more about Beckham Creek Cave Lodge

Winni Wanderer |Unique Places to Stay on Each Continent

South America – High Altitude Pods

Sleeping 2,900 meters (about 9,514 feet) above sea level on the side of a mountain in a Starlodge pod could be scary or exhilarating, you decide. Looking down onto Inca’s Sacred Valley in Peru from your bedroom/sleeping pod would certainly be considered a unique stay. The six Starlodge Adventure Suite pods are named after the constellations in Incan astronomy. The site also offers ‘high tubs’ filled with hot water to relax and enjoy the night sky. To reach your pod, you are attached to a safety line and climb steps built into the side of the mountain. This stay takes adventure to the next level and would certainly make an interesting conversation starter!


I hope these unique places to stay around the world have inspired you to seek unusual places for your next getaway, with Unique Places to Stay on Each Continent. If you have been to one of these amazing locations, please share your experience by reaching out to us at Hearing from you will make our day!


By Karen O’Brien


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