• Alejandra Lopez

9 Gift Ideas for Men from Brands that Give Back

Do you struggle like I do to find the perfect gift for the men in your life? Why is it so hard to find something that they actually want?! Well, this year, we decided to do a little homework to help readers like you, and me, find something he’ll love (and use 😉).

Here are 9 gift ideas we hand-picked from brands that give back in some way. Happy (conscious) holiday shopping!

1) For the Star Wars fan:

Dr. Squatch Soap – Star Wars Collection

Let’s upgrade his daily personal routine and take him to a galaxy far far away with Dr. Squatch Soap – Star Wars Collection “The finest soap in the galaxyTM”. These sustainably sourced (and super fun) uniquely crafted soap bars will leave his skin smelling fabulous; and the best part, they are made from natural oils and contain zero harsh chemicals.

Why do we love Dr. Squatch? This quote by Dr. Squatch’s Founder & CEO made us say, YES, thank you – “Our goal is to inspire and educate men to be happier and healthier.” All their products are made in the USA, specifically for men, with all natural ingredients. PLUS, they give 10% off all of their products for military personnel, First Responders and medical professionals.


2) For the barware enthusiast (or whisky lover!):

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge glass

Does he not like when his favorite whiskey gets watered down? Well, I say we surprise him with this Whiskey Wedge Glass from Corkcicle (which actually works for all spirits 😉, btw). This cool looking glass has an ice bucket that forms a wedge-shaped ice on one side of the glass, making the ice melt slower (and our guys happier) as their favorite drink keeps its full bold flavor, longer.

Why do we love Corkcicle? They partner with the non-profit charity: water to help make a difference, and with every product purchased, they bring clean water to people in need around the world. Read more about their donations and how every $ counts here.


3) For the “Cute but Comfy” kind:

These “sustainable but comfy” ultra-lightweight IBI “raw red” knit sneakers from Cariuma are simply fabulous. They’re not just cool looking and lightweight, but they’re also made from bamboo and recycled plastics. Don’t you think these red sneakers would go with everything this holiday season? Hmmm, we do!

Cariuma ultra-lightweight IBI “raw red” knit sneakers

Why do we love Cariuma? Outside of sourcing their materials responsibly and giving back to different communities, they design their sneakers to be high quality with a very low environmental impact. They also have a Restoration Program called “Get a Pair of Sneakers, Plant 2 Trees” where for every pair of sneakers you buy, they help plant a pair of trees to help with the restoration and preservation of a large portion of the Amazon rainforest (the largest rainforest in the world). Learn more about their sustainability efforts.


4) For the football lover:

Can’t you see him wearing a Big Logo Knit Ugly Pullover Sweater from his favorite NFL team all the way ‘til the Super Bowl? Let’s be honest, men (young and grown) will love, laugh, cherish, and continue to use this ugly sweater for years (and generations) to come 😉.

NFL Shop Ugly Pullover Sweater

Why do we love the NFL Shop? They donate to specific causes throughout the year including their year-round Salute to Service and NFL Pink “Crucial Catch” collections where 100% of the sales are donated to various military and cancer non-profit organizations.

💡 Winni Tip …Are you a veteran, active military, First Responder, or a spouse / immediate family? See details on military and First Responders discounts here.


5) For the boater or water lover:

If John Legend approves, so do we! These luxurious yet lightweight and multi-purpose comfy Sperry x John Legend Commodore Boots have gotten our undivided attention. Call me crazy, but you may even get extra space in his suitcase next time you travel as these may be the only pair of shoes he’ll bring along. Look at their entire men’s holiday gift guide for more inspiration!

Sperry x John Legend Commodore Boots

Why do we love Sperry? Not only are their products classy, comfy and so versatile, but the brand was born out of the need to prevent sailors from going overboard because of a wet slippery surface. Pretty cool story, right? Also, their new “LOOK GOOD. DO GOOD.” Seacycled Collection protects the essential element of the reason why the brand was born - water- by helping reduce plastic pollution. Each pair of Sperry Seacycled Shoes is made of (on average) the equivalent of five recycled plastic bottles.

Now, what’s not to love about that?! Read more about the brand’s story and sustainability efforts.


6) For the fitness nut:

The noise cancelling UA Project Rock Over-Ear Training Headphones are the perfect gift for those working hard on hitting a new personal record. These game-changers are part of Dwayne Johnson’s partnership with Under Armour, the Project Rock collection; meaning “The Rock” himself got to fine tune these and well, make them live up to his athletic standards! And as if we needed anything more than that, these headphones also connect to Amazon Alexa and Hey Google, and have ear cushions that are breathable, light and fast-drying (meaning they withstand sweat - yes, you read that right, sweat).

UA Project Rock Over-Ear Training Headphones

Want more fabulous gift options? Check out their athletic men’s collection!

Why do we love Under Armour (and their partnership with Dwayne Johnson)? From philanthropy, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability, they have implemented a variety of programs to help younger generations succeed and make a difference around the world. Also, through their partnership with Project Rock, they support the Travis Manion Foundation’s “Character Does Matter” program that connects veterans and young people for mentorship and leadership development. Here’s more information about all their community support. 💡 Winni Tip …Are you a student, veteran, active military, First Responders or a spouse / immediate family? Make sure you check out their special discounts.


7) For the ultra-chic & stylish:

This chic yet cozy looking Ted Baker navy OUSSE Ls full Zip funnel neck is a must have! Dress it up, dress it down, this gorgeous sweater goes with it all. Just look at that stylish tall neck once zipped up, wowza!

Make sure you also look into their Black Friday Deals because they are hot hot hot.

Why do we love Ted Baker? Not only are their clothes stunning, but they’re also very focused on their product sourcing and manufacturing process, ensuring a safe and fair environment for their employees, and working on reducing their carbon footprint and therefore… helping the planet. Read more about Ted Baker’s sustainability efforts here.


8) For the hard worker:

Carhartt’s ¼ zip long sleeve t-shirt

Why work and sweat when you can work and be comfortably dry and protected instead? Carhartt’s ¼ zip long sleeve t-shirt does not only go perfect on its own or over a tee as an extra layer, but it is also built with Force, FastDry® AND Stain Breaker® technologies to keep our guys dry, cool, odor-less AND help release stains. You’re welcome!

Why we love Carhartt? They had us at “Built for those who do it all”! This maker of workwear clothing is not only family-owned since 1889, but they also support different charitable organizations to help build a better world.

Pssst, pssst… these beanies & knit hats could complete the look or make the perfect stocking stuffer gift for him this year.


9) For the “all I want is comfort” guy:

The Movement™ Shirt from Faherty

This classic fit, lightweight, comfortable, and year-round feel-good blue gingham The Movement™ Shirt from Faherty is made from a custom-developed blend of fabrics that makes it not just super soft and stretchy, but also… wait for it, wrinkle-resistant (yes)!

Why do we love Faherty? This family-run brand makes sure that at least 70% of their material used in their clothes is sustainable. They’re committed to making a positive impact on our planet, all while maintaining high-quality standards. Plus, their plan is for their packaging to be 90% plastic-free by the end of 2021. Read more about Faherty’s efforts to making the world a better place.


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