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How Sexy Can Giving Back Be?

Winni Wednesday Edition #9 | 02.09.22

Winni Wednesday in partnership with Adam & Eve

You may be as surprised as we were to see adult retailer Adam & Eve in our Winni Wednesday newsletter about brands that give back … but when we dug deeper, we found an amazing story that we just had to share. ❤️

How Sexy Can Giving Back Be? | Winni Wednesday

How This Company Makes Giving Back Sexy

The founder's story... Adam & Eve’s parent company, PHE, Inc., was founded in 1971 by Harvard graduate Phil Harvey after he completed his master’s thesis on family planning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His interest in providing safe contraceptives grew after he visited India and was struck by the extreme poverty, rapid overpopulation, and lack of contraceptives. So, Harvey came back to the U.S. and started the company as a mail-order contraceptive business – the first-of-its-kind to discreetly ship condoms directly into homes. Over the years, Adam & Eve grew into one the largest adult retailers in the nation, and now serves more than 12 million customers with its full line of adult products.

Did you know? Founder Phil Harvey passed away in December 2021 and left behind a legacy as a tireless advocate for free speech and a “hardcore philanthropist” (Mother Jones magazine). He founded two international charities dedicated to saving millions of lives by providing better health care and helping to fight disease. Read more about his legacy and hear the heartbreaking story that inspired Harvey along with Dr. Tim Black to start these foundations in the Q&A video.

The give back… Giving back to the community has always been an important part of the company’s culture. Approximately 20% of their profits go to help fight the spread of HIV around the world and support more than 80 local charities including organizations that provide homes for those in need and give back to cancer and hospice patients, animal welfare groups, local food banks, and many more. They encourage their employees to volunteer their time and hold fundraisers for local charities, and the company matches every dollar they raise.

The awards… PHE, Inc. was recognized as the “Business of the Year” by both the Chapel Hill Chamber of Commerce and the Hillsborough/Orange County Chamber of Commerce (where the headquarters are located) for their generosity and positive impact on community.

What to buy… We know it’s cliché, but there really is something for everyone (for him, for her, for couples) so we suggest you peruse their website (not on your work laptop though 😉) and find whatever it is that YOU are into. P.S. Scroll down for a few fun ideas we found from them.

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