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Making a difference just got easier!

Winni Wednesday Edition #1 | 08.25.21

Who knew that you could help fund grassroots organizations in your community, give someone a second chance at employment, spread mental health awareness, find a cure for blindness, AND clean up the ocean just by buying everyday items like shoes, bread, bath bombs, t-shirts and face masks?

In this first edition, we’re proud to bring you five mission-driven brands that are making a positive impact on the world — because where you spend your money matters.

Pictured: Adrian Grenier & Blueland  📸: Anastasia Blackman

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Can buying shoes help improve lives?

We like to think of TOMS as the OG of brands that give back. You may remember their One for One model when they first launched in 2006. Founder Blake Mycoskie visited Argentina while competing on The Amazing Race. He later returned to the country to find a woman delivering shoes to children in dire need, and the idea for the brand was born.

Did you know? TOMS is short for “tomorrow’s shoes.” When Mycoskie started the company, his concept was to “sell a pair of shoes today, give a pair of shoes tomorrow.”

Company mission... “We’re in business to improve lives.”

The numbers… 100 MILLION shoes donated over the past 14 years!

The (new) give back… This year TOMS launched a new strategy by donating 1/3 of their profits for grassroots good.

TOMS tells Winni...

“By donating 1/3 of profits to grassroots good, we go beyond just writing a check. The TOMS Giving Team ensures the brand taps the right network of partners and works with them in the most thoughtful way. We identified mental health, increasing access to opportunity, and ending gun violence as three key areas because they are deeply interconnected. Our research and experience have taught us that together, they are some of the most critical foundational elements of thriving communities.” - Amy Smith, TOMS Chief Strategy & Impact Office

💡 Winni Tip... Without spending a dime, you can start giving back right away. Just join their free rewards program and earn points by entering your birthday and connecting on social. Then you can start donating those points to support disaster responses (for hurricanes & wildfires), ending gun violence, and mental health resources – all before you finish your morning coffee. You can also use points to score discounts on shoes (because let’s face it, your wallet needs help sometimes too 😉).

What to buy… With fall almost here, we are currently obsessed with these women’s cushy slip-ons and men’s sneakers!

P.S. If sustainability and fair labor are important to you, TOMS has that covered too. Learn more

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Tony Chocolonely logo

A Bread Company that Believes in Second Chances

When Dave Dahl and his nephew brought some loaves of bread to a farmers’ market back in 2005, it was the start of something truly great. Dave had just spent 15 years in prison and his older brother Glenn welcomed him back into the small family bakery.

Dave wanted so badly to prove his worth and make a positive impact on the world, so he worked hard to bake breads that tasted unlike anything else on the market – made with only the best organic and non-GMO ingredients – and the impact of Dave’s Killer Bread began.

The Purpose Behind Every Loaf… DKB supports Second Chance Employment which means they hire the best person for the job, regardless of criminal history. They even started the DKB Foundation to inspire and support other businesses to adopt this model as well. They strongly believe that giving people a second chance has the power to reduce the negative impact of recidivism in America.

DKB tells Winni...

"Second Chance Employment is good for business and society. Gainful work plays a vital part in reducing re-incarceration and improving local communities. It also strengthens employer workforces with more dedicated and loyal workers." - Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation

Did you know? 1/3 of their employees at the Oregon bakery have felony convictions. See how a second chance can change everything.

What about the bread? Their killer breads are USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO and power packed with seeds and whole grain nutrition. The taste? AHH-MAZING! And all this without the use of high fructose corn syrup, artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Where to buy? Find a store near you or shop online.

💡 Winni Tip… We are dying to try some of their killer recipes (pun intended). The Pizza Bombs and Strawberry-Cream Cheese French Toast Roll Ups are next on our must-try list.

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SOZY Soft & Cozy logo

A Wellness Brand (and a Mom) on a Mission

In 2017 entrepreneur Tina White lost her 16-year-old son Alec to his battle with depression. Determined to help others with their mental and physical well-being, Tina started researching the benefits of CBD and founded Clearly Balanced Days - a line of 0% THC, Broad Spectrum products for both humans and pets made in the USA. Watch the heartfelt story behind the brand (and get some tissues ready).

Company mission… To empower others to take charge of their mental health and wellness by providing the best high-quality CBD products, tools and information while advocating for mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

The give back… Clearly Balanced Days donates a portion of their profits to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) New Hampshire, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), and The Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. They also founded a scholarship in honor of Tina’s son, the Alec J. White Memorial Scholarship, which benefits graduating seniors in their community.

Did you know? The brand puts a huge emphasis on CBD education, safety and transparency. Check out their FAQ section for all your burning questions on CBD and follow them on Facebook for educational videos and live discussions.

What to buy… If you’re new to CBD, try a little bit of everything with their Curiosity Bundle, or relax with their bath fizzies which are also da’ bomb 💣😜. For pets, try the Pet Kisses Oral Spray to help fight off ‘ruff’ breath. 🐶

💡 Winni Tip… Use coupon code WINNI when shopping on their website and save 20% off your entire order (with a $25 minimum purchase by 9/30/21).

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Would you buy something you can’t see?

At a young age, brothers Bradford and Bryan Manning were both diagnosed with Stargardt disease – an inherited form of macular degeneration that causes central vision loss over time. They spent their lives hoping for a cure, and in 2016 they decided to do something about it. They founded Two Blind Brothers – a clothing & accessories brand that donates 100% of their profits (yes, you read that right, 100%) to help find a cure for blindness.

Company mission… “We’re in business to cure blindness.”

Did you know? Before they started the company, the Manning brothers were shopping together in a department store when they got separated. When they reunited, they discovered they both picked out the same ultra-soft shirt. Since then, they focused on making sure their clothing line was made from high-quality, ultra-soft fabrics.

The give back… 100% of the profits are donated to research through organizations like Foundation Fighting Blindness. But that’s not all. The items are made in part by organizations that hire blind workers.

What to buy… Each month, they launch a new Shop Blind Challenge where you can choose from 3 different surprise boxes of products (prices vary each month but we’ve seen them anywhere from $26 for the smallest box to $146 for the largest, and you get to choose your size). Check out what we received in our box last month or watch some of the fun unboxing videos on TikTok, and then decide for yourself… would you shop blind?!

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"Pulling a pound of plastic" for every item purchased

After growing up in Florida and making their living off the ocean, Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper took a surfing trip to Bali, Indonesia in 2015 and discovered a harsh reality. The fishermen and local communities have been devastated by the overwhelming amount of plastic pollution.

They founded 4ocean to hire boat captains and fishermen in these communities to clean up the harmful debris from the ocean, rivers and coastlines. Watch this video to discover what they found on that trip to Bali.

Company mission… To put an end to the ocean plastic crisis.

Did you know? Researchers estimate that there are 51 trillion pieces of microplastic floating in the ocean.* Not convinced that this is a real problem? Just follow 4ocean on TikTok or Instagram and watch the absolutely devastating videos of the clean ups. You’ll start finding ways to reduce your use of single-use plastics real fast.

The numbers… 16 MILLION pounds of trash pulled from the ocean (as of July 2021)!

The give back… For every product sold, they pull 1 pound of trash from the ocean. Let’s help them get to their goal of pulling 20 million pounds by the end of 2021! Sh