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Content Curators with a Cause

As a team of marketers and content curators, it’s our job to speak with brands every day to find out what makes them different.


What is their company all about? How did it all start? What is their mission? What makes them tick?


It’s not about what they do. It’s about why they do it.


Over the years, we’ve heard some incredible stories and discovered founders whose mission wasn’t simply to sell you something, but to actually make a positive impact on the world.

We spoke with…


  • A grieving mother who lost her teenage son to his battle with depression and started a CBD business that gives back to mental health awareness & suicide prevention.


  • A young founder who started an organic, vegan line of clean sparkling wines after she beat thyroid cancer at age 26 by changing her own eating and drinking habits. She now gives back to organizations that inspire and empower women.


  • A vegan deodorant brand that’s on a mission to reimagine personal care products while helping the environment by selling refillable containers.  


Oh, and by the way, their products are pretty fantastic too (we’ve tried them all!)


We thought to ourselves …


“How can we get a list of brands like this in our inbox each month? How can we find the story behind these brands and what causes do they support?”


We couldn’t find an email newsletter like this, so we decided to start our own, and the Winni Wednesday newsletter was born.    


We believe that when brands give back, we all win.

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