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6 Adventures for Your Caribbean Vacation

Taking a vacation to the Caribbean evokes thoughts of relaxation and sitting on the beach enjoying warm tropical breezes with a frosty drink in hand. However, if you prefer to pack your vacation with activities, the Caribbean can also offer unique excursions to help you get the most out of your precious vacation time. Here are 6 activities that will immerse you in the wonders of the Caribbean.

Submarine Expedition

The Caribbean is abound with water sports and activities (it kind of comes with being a chain of islands), but for those who would like to experience the wonders of undersea life while staying dry, a submarine expedition is for you. Gliding through the crystal-clear waters in search of the magnificent marine life and potentially seeing a shipwreck or two is also a great activity for little adventurers (4+ years).

Submarine tours are widely popular and can be found in such places as Aruba, Curaçao, Barbados, and St. Thomas just to name a few.

Check out submarine expeditions in the Caribbean.

Culinary Tours

The culinary flavors of the Caribbean are steeped in history and give great insight into the cultures that flourish in the area. With more than just seafood to offer, the Caribbean is a treasure trove for the epicurious. With everything from rum and chocolate to savory meats and spicy vegetable dishes, there is something for all discerning tastes to try. Insider tip: Although as a traveler, you may want to try the most famous dishes, I suggest seeking out food that is also popular with the locals. Getting a taste for their comfort dishes and everyday fare is another way to gain a deeper appreciation for the culinary side of the Caribbean.

Here are some Caribbean culinary tours to set your taste buds on.

Art & Culture Classes

Along with food, art is another medium in which to gain insight and knowledge of the history of a destination. The Caribbean in general is full of beautiful art rich with the history of its native people, and each island has its own distinct culture. Creating art pieces, exploring ancient ruins, watching a native dance troupe perform, taking a Salsa dancing class, or touring a local museum are all activities to enrich your understanding of the Caribbean cultures. Insider Tip: When planning for children to take part in arts & crafts, be sure to check the age range in the description of the activity, as some art experiences may require using tools best handled by adults.

Pig’ Ideas

You’ve heard of swimming with fish, but what about pigs? On Big Major Cay (or as some call it “Pig Beach”), an uninhabited island located in the Exumas island chain in the Bahamas, you can swim with the pigs. The history of how the pigs got there (as they are not native to the island) is interesting -- it is said that they were either left by sailors or they swam to the island from a shipwreck. Either way, they are so friendly and eager to see tourists that they sometimes swim towards the boats coming in!

Learn more about “Pig Beach”.

Night Kayaking

There is so much to see and do in the Caribbean during the day but, what would you say to a kayaking excursion at night? Kayaking at night gives you a whole new way to experience marine life. Oftentimes the kayaks are clear bottomed with LED lights affixed to the kayak. This allows you to see the wonders of the clear Caribbean Sea at night. Combined with the natural bioluminescence of the waters, it is sure to be an illuminating adventure. There are also stand-up paddleboard night tours, but they require a particular skill level.

See more on night kayaking here.


If you like to sightsee while high above the treetops, beach, or ocean then the best way to do that in the Caribbean is to go on a zipline excursion. In fact, the second longest zip line in the world can be found in Puerto Rico. At 7,234 feet long ‘The Monster” is found at the Toro Verde Adventure Park.

Imagine the view as you zip through the air with ease. Some adventures feature multiple ziplines at one location with varying heights and scenery.

One thing is for sure – there is more to do in the Caribbean than just soaking up the sun on a sandy beach (although, that sounds good too!). Make some memories by discovering a beautiful place with plenty of culture, food, marine life and art to explore.

We hope this inspired you to book a Caribbean vacation with add-on adventures. If you have a Caribbean excursion to tell us about, feel free to reach out at Hearing from you will make our day!


By Karen O’Brien




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