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6 Things That Will Ruin Your Road Trip

Venturing out on the open road for a getaway can be exciting, but proper planning is key to avoiding missteps that could wreak havoc along the way. Here are some scenarios that could ruin your road trip, along with solutions to ensure a smooth ride.

Winni Wanderer | 6 Things That Will Ruin Your Road Trip

Forgetting Car Maintenance

The last thing anyone wants on a road trip is car trouble. Not getting your car checked before your blacktop adventure can leave you stranded on the side of the road in an unfamiliar place, and at the mercy of calling a local tow truck service to help. A tune-up, tire check and oil change go a long way to helping you go a long way safely.

Winni Wanderer | 6 Things That Will Ruin Your Road Trip

Only Relying on GPS

Imagine stopping at a destination to see an attraction and getting back in the car to continue your journey, only to find that there is no service and your GPS is unable to calculate your route. Although considered “old school,” mapping your route on a printed map or printing out directions can save you in a pinch. Plus, after your trip, you could frame the map along with photos and mementos for a homemade souvenir.

Winni Wanderer | 6 Things That Will Ruin Your Road Trip

Driving Near Cities During Rush Hour

Along with mapping out your route in a variety of ways, being mindful of when you are traveling through high traffic areas is also something to consider. Making it a point to plan routes around big cities or traveling through them when the traffic is lighter, can help to avoid the anxiety of getting stuck in gridlock on unfamiliar roadways during rush hour.

Winni Wanderer | 6 Things That Will Ruin Your Road Trip

Skipping Stretch Breaks

Much like your car, your body needs maintenance – healthy food, hydration, and movement. Sitting in a car for too long can cramp up your muscles and restrict blood flow. To prevent that from happening, pull over to stretch about every two hours or so, and be sure to pay attention to signs for rest stops. It may be tempting to try to drive as long as possible to get to your destination but be kind to your body, and get those stretch breaks in!

Winni Wanderer | 6 Things That Will Ruin Your Road Trip

Forgetting to Pack Healthy Snacks

Can we all agree that part of the fun of a road trip is trying new snacks? Crunchy chips, sweet & sour candy, and even unique finds from quaint, roadside convenience stores can enhance the enjoyment of a road trip. However, the effects of too much sodium and too many sweets can result in water retention and blood sugar spikes, causing swelling in your hands and feet, as well as fatigue when you come down off that energy surge. Pack some healthy snacks – fruits, veggies, and foods low in sugar and high in fiber – and keep a cooler filled with water to give you quick access to healthy options while on the road. Plus, if you place the snack bag in the trunk, it will prompt you to pull over and stretch to get the goods.

Winni Wanderer | 6 Things That Will Ruin Your Road Trip

Ignoring the Weather

Take a moment and think about how different weather patterns affect vehicles, roadways, and driver visibility… we’ll wait. Weather conditions can change quickly and vary drastically from state to state. For example - depending on the route – if you were traveling from New Hampshire to California in June, it is possible to experience a wide variance in temperature, not to mention rain, sleet, hail, and fog among other weather systems. Checking the weather on your route can help you understand what clothing to pack and what shoes to bring along. Bringing enough gear for both warm and cool weather is a smart decision. It’s always better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

We hope this has inspired you to prepare for your next road trip! Have a good road trip story? Share it with us at Hearing from you will make our day!


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