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9 Unique Places to Visit in Bermuda

Historic sites, natural wonders, picturesque landscapes, pink sands and more.

9 Unique Places to Visit in Bermuda

Best known for its pink sands and its air of mystery, Bermuda is an archipelago made up of 7 main islands located roughly 650 miles east off the coast of North Carolina in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a popular vacation destination because it’s perfect for a romantic getaway, but it also has so much to offer for families. The architecture, pristine white-roofed buildings, rich history, natural wonders, unique beaches, and sub-tropical climate make Bermuda a must-see bucket list destination. No matter what type of vacation you’re looking for, one thing is for sure, this island has a vibe unlike any other. Here are 9 of the best places to visit in Bermuda.

The Unfinished Church Bermuda | Winni Wanderer

The Unfinished Church

These historic ruins started as a plan in 1869 for a new church to replace St. Peter’s, with construction starting in 1874, but was never completed after a period of dissent among the townsfolk and a hurricane running through the town and taking the new roof with it. It is now a beautiful site for weddings amid the weathered stonework and gothic archways.

Visited by many tourists, it is a protected historical monument and part of the St. George’s UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda | Winni Wanderer

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Horseshoe Bay Beach is the most popular pink sand beach in Bermuda with a long shoreline and picturesque waves crashing over the sand. Located in Southampton Parish on the western part of Bermuda along the south shore, this beach is a 25-minute ride by taxi or private shuttle from the Royal Naval Dockyard. With public restrooms, a foot wash area, a nearby restaurant, and lifeguard on duty during the summer, it is very easy to plan a full day to play in the sand and sea.

As you look out toward the ocean from the beach, rock formations at the east end of the beach are great places to set up chairs and umbrellas (available to rent nearby) away from the crowds. These coves and rocks also make a great background for your family photos.

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Bermuda Botanical Gardens | Winni Wanderer

Bermuda Botanical Gardens

Open from sunrise to sunset and located in Paget Parish, the Bermuda Botanical Gardens span roughly 36 acres and feature plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs beautifully displayed and landscaped. The property is a part of the Bermuda National Parks and has an aviary where peacocks and other species of birds can be seen, a visitor’s center with a café, seasonal farmer’s markets, and the Camden House which is the residence of the Premier of Bermuda. Walking tours are available and are about 90 minutes in length.

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Crystal & Fantasy Caves | Winni Wanderer

Crystal & Fantasy Caves

Take a tour of these natural wonders that were formed over millions of years. At the Crystal & Fantasy Caves, visitors are invited to walk through the caves and see the incredible stalactites and beautiful underground pools. In the Crystal Cave, visitors descend underground to walkways that bridge across an underground lake to view the stalactites. For a tour of the Fantasy Cave, you will be on a guided tour through lighted walkways that highlight the beauty of the rock formations and underground pools.

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Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve | Winni Wanderer

Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve was opened to visitors in 1995 when the US military ceased to occupy the 12-acre area. Visitors can stroll along walkways and nature trails that feature Bermuda cedars, olivewoods, and palmettos along with flora transplanted from other countries.

Near the reserve are Castle Harbor, Clearwater Beach, and Turtle Beach which provide shallow water fun for families.

Fort St. Catherine | Winni Wanderer

Fort St. Catherine

Where in Bermuda can you hang out on the beach but also visit a museum in a fort? At Fort St. Catherine! This fort built in the early 1600s was further fortified in the 1900s and was in service up until WWII. Today, this fort is a commanding presence at the northeast tip of St. George’s Island. The museum chronicles highlight of Bermuda’s military history and will delight military and history buffs alike.

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9 Unique Places to Visit in Bermuda

Hamilton The capital of Bermuda, Hamilton, is the cosmopolitan hub of commerce on the island. If arriving by cruise, the easiest way to get there is to take the blue line water ferry from the Royal Naval Dockyard for a short 20-minute ride into Hamilton. When you arrive at the harbor, you will see the beautiful pastel buildings along Front Street. The stunning architecture and colorful buildings are on display as visitors take a stroll through Hamilton where they find upscale retail shops, historic landmarks, museums, hotels, and great restaurants. If you stay into the evening, the streets will come alive with dancing and music along with local vendors selling their goods.

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Tobacco Bay Beach | Winni Wanderer

Tobacco Bay Beach Tobacco Bay Beach has some of Bermuda’s best snorkeling and water sports. Although it is not a pink sand beach, it is a great spot to get up close to a variety of fish species – parrotfish, grouper, angelfish, and coral structures that are home to other marine life as well.

Tobacco Bay Beach also has visitor facilities, changing areas, watersports equipment rental, and beachgoers can enjoy a drink or bite to eat on the covered open deck of the restaurant and bar.

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Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo | Winni Wanderer

Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo

Check out one of the world’s oldest aquariums, the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo (BAMZ for short) founded in 1926. Located in Flatts Village, you can see comprehensive exhibits of marine life including live coral reef and sharks, mammals, reptiles, rescued turtles, harbor seals and more.

It is the mission of BAMZ to protect and inspire the care of island environments, and they strive to uphold that mission by educating visitors through the displays and exhibits throughout the facility.

Learn more about the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo

We hope this inspires you to wander to Bermuda and if we missed your favorite spot then reach out to us at and tell us all about it. Hearing from you will make our day!

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