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Bahama Mama Cocktail

Get a taste of the Caribbean with this double rum cocktail that’s sure to make you swear you feel the ocean breeze.


• 2 oz coconut rum

• 2 oz orange juice

• 2 oz pineapple juice

• 1/4 oz grenadine

• 1/2 oz dark rum


1. Add some crushed ice to the glass.

2. Pour in orange juice, pineapple juice, and coconut rum into the glass.

3. Carefully and slowly pour in grenadine juice next to the inside rim of the glass. Grenadine is very dense and heavy so it will naturally sink to the bottom of the glass.

4. Slowly pour the dark rum over the top and let it float on top.

5. Serve Bahama Mama layered but it does need to be stirred before drinking. So, use a straw or a long spoon to stir the cocktail for a few seconds to mix all ingredients.


Source: “Bahama Mama Cocktail” Recipe. N.p., Jun. 2020. Web. 10 Aug. 2022.


By Karen O'Brien


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