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Big Batch Homemade Ranch Seasoning Mix

Ranch seasoning is a great staple to make from scratch as it can be made into dressing or added to recipes to create a richer flavor profile.

Winni Wanderer | Big Batch Homemade Ranch Seasoning Mix


·       3 cup dried parsley

·       12 tbsp dried dill

·       8 tbsp dried chives

·       1 cup garlic powder

·       1 cup onion powder

·       1 cup dried onion flakes

·       8 tbsp salt

·       8 tbsp ground black pepper


1.     Mix all ingredients together.

2.     Store in an airtight container.  Mix well before each use to redistribute spices evenly.

3.     To make a reduced sodium version, omit half the required salt.

4.     2 tbsp of homemade mix = 1 ranch seasoning packet from grocery store


Source: “Big Batch Homemade Ranch Seasoning Mix”. Recipe. N.p. 26 Apr. 2018. Web. 12 Apr. 2024.

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