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Chocolate Mousse

End a romantic meal with a dessert made for two…chocolate mousse!

Winni Wanderer | Chocolate Mousse


·       6 ounces 60% chocolate, chopped

·       ⅔ cup heavy cream (divided use)

·       ¼ cup hot espresso

·       1 large egg yolk


1.     Chop the chocolate into very small pieces and add to a blender or small food processor. Pulse a few times to break up the chocolate even more.

2.     Heat ⅓ cup of the heavy cream until steaming hot either in the microwave or in a small saucepan. Brew the espresso, and re-heat if not steaming hot.

3.     Add the hot espresso, hot cream and egg yolk to the blender with the chocolate mixture. Place the lid on to trap the steam so that the chocolate begins to melt for a minute or two.

4.     Then, blend until smooth, keeping the lid on the entire time so that the heat melts the chocolate. If your chocolate mixture is not fully melted and is grainy or chunky after few minutes, you can put it in a glass measuring cup. Then, put the glass measuring cup in a bowl of very hot water; stir until everything melts. Set aside to cool.

5.     Whip the remaining ⅓ cup of cold heavy cream until stiff peaks form.

6.     Slowly fold in half of the chocolate mixture to the whipped cream, followed by the remaining chocolate and fold gently by hand until smooth.

7.     Divide between two glasses, chill for one hour, and then serve.


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Here are a few items for the kitchen that may help with this amazing recipe: Measuring utensils, mixing bowl, knife set, food processor, small saucepan, glass measuring cup, hand mixer

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