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Lost Spirits Distillery, Las Vegas

From fine spirits to live entertainment, whimsy and science, the Lost Spirits Distillery Las Vegas experience will have you fascinated, tipsy, and curious - all rolled into one.

Lost Spirits Distillery, Las Vegas | winni wanderer

Since opening at AREA 15 in late 2021, Lost Spirits has intrigued thousands of guests with a journey 20,000 leagues under the sea, performances from a holographic, Havana-style band complete with sultry singer, and this spring they launched their dining experience with Chef Taylor Persh (formerly of Bazaar by José Andrés, Bestia, Trois Mec, and Fish or Flesh Restaurant LA). While the dining experience requires a separate ticket from the tour, it boasts a 16-course menu of deliciously creative culinary delights with cocktail pairings included.

Lost Spirits Tour, Las Vegas | winni wanderer

At the conclusion of the guided tour, there is plenty of time to wander about and take in the performances from the live entertainment, and enjoy the dark, circus-like ambience all the while seeking out the 5 spirit tasting areas to complete the stamps on your drink passport. Many return guests have stated that they have not seen the same performance twice, so the Lost Spirits Distillery experience can, and should be, a repeat attraction for those who live around or visit Las Vegas often.

Tips to enhance your experience:

  • Allow 2-3 hours for the tour alone, with 4 hours being common when including the dining experience. This will give you time to wander around the space and see as much as possible.

  • While there is plenty of parking at AREA 15, Lost Spirits recommends making use of a taxi or rideshare service for the night as the tour involves the consumption of strong spirits, and they urge you to drink responsibly.

  • Stop in at the gift shop and peruse gift items, Lost Spirits apparel and bottles of spirits for purchase.

Winni Wanderer | Lost Spirits Distillery, Las Vegas

Overall, go for the post-apocalyptic, vaudeville atmosphere and enjoy the eclectic mix of fantastical intrigue, science and live performances that will delight and awe. You won’t regret adding this unique experience to your Las Vegas trip!

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By Karen O'Brien




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