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How to Keep This One New Year's Resolution

Making travel a priority can be one of the easiest resolutions you make this year. How? Start in your own backyard. Many times, when thinking about travel, thoughts of far away places, multiple modes of transportation, and spending large amounts of money deter some - but starting closer to home can make the goal of exploring easier to keep. You don’t have to wander far from home to truly escape. Chances are, there are new experiences and places to discover all around you.

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Gaining Perspective

What is your local area known for? How much have you explored the city you call home?

These are questions that can get you off to a good start to planning some memorable trips close to home. As we all know, going about our day-to-day schedule is not always conducive to learning about the area in which we live, so when you start looking at where you live like a tourist, it may just surprise you as to the things to see and do! Are there historical landmarks you can visit? State parks? What about a trip into the city to check out the newest show or restaurant?

Mapping It Out

Whether you choose to stay locally or drive across the state, there will be some planning involved. Find a city guide online and start to research as if you were planning a trip to your own hometown. If you are looking for a day in the city, a visit to the local Chamber of Commerce website may help you find new places and a community events calendar with a list of activities to choose from. Looking to explore nature? Check out the travel and tourism board for your state to find information to help you plan an outdoor adventure. If you are new to outdoor experiences, there are resources and information that can be found with your state’s fish and game department, and there may even be classes you can take that teach you about basic survival, navigation, and local flora and fauna. Check with your local library for discounts on entrance fees to museums, art galleries, and theme parks across the state. Libraries are also a good resource for information on historically significant places in the area. Social media is also a great source of information. Most cities and even small towns have Facebook or Instagram accounts full of ideas for local activities and restaurants.

Small Start, Big Impact

Starting your travel journey close to home can imbibe a sense of appreciation for where you live, and if you are apprehensive about traveling far, it can help you work up to a longer trip elsewhere. The local economy also benefits when you choose to stay nearby. Many restaurants, retail stores, equipment rental locations and tour operators rely on tourism as their livelihood. So, what you may think is a small step to make travel a priority this year can actually make a large ripple in the community around you.

We hope this inspires you to start a travel journey close to home! If you have a local travel idea, please feel free to reach out to us at Hearing from you will make our day!


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