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Icelandic Pancakes - Iceland

Serve these Icelandic pancakes with some jam and skyr and they’ll come back for more!

Icelandic Pancakes - Iceland | Winni Wanderer


·         3 cups Flour

·         3 Eggs

·         3 cups Milk

·         ½ teaspoon Baking Soda

. Essence of Cardamom


1.      Beat eggs and milk together, add dry ingredients. Stir until smooth. Leave to settle for 30 minutes.

2.      Melt and add margarine. Heat a small frying pan and grease the pan lightly.

3.      Pour enough batter to coat the pan thinly. When one side is done, turn the pancake over with a palette knife and fry the other side.

4.      Grease the frying pan often.

5.      Pancakes are usually stacked as they are fried, and white sugar sprinkled liberally on each one.

6.      They can be rolled up individually, with a little added white sugar on each one. Then, if you like, strawberry jam can be spread on the Pancakes, with a dollop of whipped cream in the middle. Fold over twice and enjoy.


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