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Raspberry gateau

Sweetness abounds in this fresh, light raspberry gateau - a perfect ending to any meal.


SERVES 8 Prep: 30 min. Cook: 30 min. (not including time for making the conserve)

Sponge cake ¹/³ cup (3½ oz./100 g) egg yolk (about 5 yolks) 1 egg white, plus ½ cup (4 oz./110 g) egg white (about 4 whites) ½ cup (2¼ oz./60 g) confectioners’ sugar 1 g vanilla powder Finely grated zest of 1 lemon ¹/³ cup (2¼ oz./60 g) superfine sugar 1 cup (4 oz./120 g) all-purpose flour, sifted Butter and flour for the silicone baking mat

Icing 2¹/³ cups (10½ oz./300 g) confectioners’ sugar 5 tbsp. (80 ml) lemon juice 2½ tbsp. (40 ml) olive oil

Sponge cake method Preheat the oven to 325ºF (160ºC/Gas mark 3). In a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, beat together the egg yolks, 1 egg white, confectioners’ sugar, vanilla powder, and lemon zest until pale and mousse-like. In another bowl, whisk the ½ cup (4 oz./110 g) egg white until stiff, adding the superfine sugar in two equal amounts, and continuing to whisk until the whites are firm but not grainy. Using a flexible spatula, gently fold the egg yolk mixture and the whisked whites together. Finally, fold in the sifted flour. Butter and flour a cake ring, 8 in. (20 cm) in diameter and 2 in. (5 cm) deep, and also a silicone baking mat placed on a baking sheet. Put the cake ring on the silicone mat and spoon the cake batter into it so it is three-quarters full. Bake in the oven for 28–30 minutes. Take the cake out of the oven and transfer it from the baking sheet to a wire rack (still on the silicone mat) to prevent further cooking. Wait for 5 minutes and then unmold the cake onto the rack. Do not leave it to cool in the ring.

Assemble and finish

Mix the ingredients for the icing together. Preheat the oven to 425ºF (220ºC/Gas mark 7).

Using a serrated knife, cut the sponge cake in half horizontally and sandwich the two halves together with the raspberry conserve. Brush the icing over the cake and return it to the oven for 2 minutes.


Source: “Raspberry gateau” Recipe. Adapted from The Ritz Paris, Francois Perret. N.p., May 2020. Web. 20 July 2022.


By Karen O'Brien


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