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4 Top Destination Spa Retreats in North America

4 Top Destination Spa Retreats in North America

Have you ever returned from what was supposed to be a ‘relaxing’ vacation and felt like you never even went? Is the famous phrase, “I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation,” hitting a little too close to home? Then it may be time for you to explore the idea of a destination spa retreat for your next getaway.

Wellness tourism, a term that has rapidly gained popularity due to the fast-paced world we live in, offers many options and varying levels of relaxation immersion for guests. There are several hotels that offer first-class spas to give you just a boost of relaxation, and all-inclusive resorts that offer comprehensive spa treatments, but to truly disconnect and focus on personal wellness, it takes a full-on retreat to do the trick.

Generally, guests at a retreat are encouraged to disconnect from electronics – that means no mobile phones, tablets or even TV for the duration of their stay. A schedule of wellness activities, such as yoga, hiking, or personalized routines, are a staple of many retreat programs along with a focus on a dietary element as well. There is a plethora of reasons to visit a destination spa retreat – from learning relaxation and mindfulness techniques to tips on eating healthy and losing weight – but whatever your reason, these four destination spa treats will help you disconnect from the stress of everyday life.


Sensei Lāna’i ~ Lāna’i, Hawaii

Sensei Lāna’i is a unique wellness retreat located in the uplands of the island of Lāna’i, Hawaii. It is a collaboration of the Four Seasons Hotel & Resort and dining by Nobu, a culinary empire created by celebrity chef, Nobuyuki Matsuhisa.

This adults-only retreat has an impressive outdoor art collection with pieces that invoke relaxation and introspection placed among the stunning landscape. At Sensei Lāna’i, there is a focus on utilizing the natural outdoor spaces for wellness activities, hiking and horseback riding.

The philosophies of move, nourish, and rest are woven into the schedule, dining, and accommodations and there are a variety of stay packages to meet many wellness needs. There is even a package to stay on property for a month or longer!


The Ranch Malibu ~ Malibu, California

The Ranch Malibu in Malibu, California was awarded the #1 Destination Spa Resort in the U.S. in 2022 by both Condé Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure and has a 3-element focus – endurance, nutrition, and wellness. Situated in the Santa Monica Mountains on a 200-acre working ranch, there are endless opportunities to use the natural beauty to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit while enjoying luxurious accommodations.

This destination spa retreat strongly encourages a disconnect from electronics in order to connect with self, nature and, if you wish, those who are also participating in the retreat. Their set-schedule approach takes away any stress of what activities to choose or food to eat and allows the participant to focus on relaxation, weight loss or fitness goals, and spiritual aspects of the program. A typical day would include a 3-4 hour hike, plant-based meals, deep tissue massage, time for rest or reflection, fitness classes and more. Plus, there is a support component once the guest heads home so they may continue focusing on wellness goals and relaxation techniques they learned at The Ranch.

Wellness awaits at The Ranch Malibu


BodyHoliday ~ Saint Lucia

Looking to completely customize your stay at a wellness retreat? Then check out BodyHoliday on the picturesque island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean.

BodyHoliday has created what they call a ‘webroom’ for guests to customize their stay with experiences that integrate organic cooking classes, sailing and water sport activities, or a rejuvenation package to help build on their concept of the four pillars of wellness – relaxation, restorative beauty, diet, and exercise.

To support the mission of overall health and wellness, BodyHoliday has a full menu of skin and body treatments, an Ayuervedic temple and programs on better ageing to help guests optimize their stay and build habits to make their wellbeing a priority. They also offer theme months on their calendar so you can choose the best time to visit according to your interests or wellness goals. Discover BodyHoliday


Habitas Tulum ~ Tulum, Mexico

One of the current on-trend destinations is Tulum, Mexico with its gorgeous beaches, exotic wildlife, and ancient Mayan ruins. It also is home to Habitas Tulum, a wellness resort that focuses on six pillars – art & culture, adventure, wellness, learning, food & beverage, and music. The belief that to cultivate meaningful relationships with others, we must first become attuned with oneself is at the heart of Habitas Tulum. Along with massage, IV therapies, and reflexology, there are also art and culture activities, a sound reconnection circle and other rituals based on ancient Mayan traditions. Nature activity offerings include a turtle encounter and a Mayan adventure.

Relaxation awaits at Habitas Tulum

We hope this inspires you to book a spa retreat vacation that will relax, rejuvenate, and get you set on healthy intentions. Have you visited one of these amazing retreats? Feel free to tell us about it at Hearing from you will make our day!


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