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Shirley Temple Ice Cream Float

A classic mocktail with an ice cream twist.

Winni Recipes | Shirley Temple Ice Cream Float


· 2 1/2 cups lemon-lime soda (such as 7UP or Sprite), chilled

· 1 cup ginger ale, chilled

· 2 tablespoons grenadine syrup

· 4 scoops vanilla ice cream

· maraschino cherries, for garnish

· lime slices, for garnish

Instructions: 1. In a pitcher, stir together the lemon-lime soda, ginger ale, and grenadine.

2. Divide the scoops of ice cream between 2 fountain glasses. Top each with the Shirley Temple mixture.

3. Add 1 or 2 maraschino cherries and a lime slice, for garnish.

4. Serve immediately and enjoy!


Source: “Shirley Temple Ice Cream Floats”. Recipe. N.p. 30 May 2022. Web. 11 July 2023.


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