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Unique Beach Items for Fun in the Sun

Long summer days make for lazy beach trips, sand covered toes, and hopefully a tan line rather than a sunburn (wear that sunscreen!). Along with the everyday beach items to pack – sunscreen, towels, cooler full of snacks and beverages – there are also products that can keep things dry, shaded, and sand-free. These unique beach must-haves will add convenience, entertainment, and comfort to your beach time. Enjoy your time in the sun!

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Have you ever laid your towel so carefully on top of the sand, making sure it is sand-free, just to have the wind blow or another beachgoer run past you kicking up sand as he or she goes? Invest in a beach mat that allows sand to pass through it, keeping you and your belongings free from a sandy mess.

As much as we would like to relax and decompress at the beach, we also want to capture beach memories by snapping some photos of the fun. Keep your phone protected from water, sand, and sunscreen with a waterproof phone pouch. It allows you to catch memorable moments and stay connected while enjoying the beach. If you want to hear more than just the rolling waves and seagulls, might we suggest a portable Bluetooth speaker? Play your favorite tunes (maybe even the Beach Boys) and create a lively atmosphere for yourself and your friends – just don’t forget to charge it before you head to the beach! If setting up hard, cumbersome beach chairs just isn’t your style then check out an inflatable lounge chair. These portable and comfortable chairs allow you to kick back and enjoy the sun and waves with ease, then pack down light and tight.

Cool down when the sun is at its peak with a cooling towel. These towels are designed to stay cool when wet, providing instant relief from the heat and keeping you refreshed throughout the day. They are even more refreshing if you keep them in the cooler while not in use.

Perfect for beach naps, a portable sun shelter can provide shade and protection from the sun as you doze. This is also a great item to have when bringing young children to the beach as it provides another shady spot for them to play out of direct sunlight.

Need a clever place to store valuables at the beach? A secret container just might do the trick. Made to look like an ordinary can of soda, this secret container has a hollow center and is weighted to make it feel like the real deal.

Is your beach chair without a cup holder? Keep sand off the bottom of your bottles and cans with these clever drink holders. They are easy to pack, use, and clean, and they come in a variety of colors.

We all bring things to the beach that shouldn’t get wet or sandy – eyeglasses, keys, a watch – but we also pack up things from the beach that are just that. To keep the wet towels and swimsuits away from everything else, or keep items dry and sand-free, use a wet/dry bag. It will keep your belongings safe and dry, or keep the sandy, wet items separated.

Add some fun to the beach day and keep everyone entertained with some land and water games. A few active beach day favorites include Slammo, Tidalball, and if you can believe it, a 4-way volleyball/badminton set. Plus, some waterproof playing cards can be a quiet and less-sweaty activity (or great for car rides to the beach).

We hope this inspires you to prepare for your next beach day with some new items to help it be fun, shady, and cool. Did we miss a great beach item? Reach out to us at Hearing from you will make our day!

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