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Travel Essentials to Keep you Organized

Let’s face it, the act of traveling from one place to another, be it for business or vacation, can be stressful. To help reduce that stress, we’re sharing some essentials that keeps our travel team organized and as stress-free as possible.

Winni Wanderer | Travel Essentials to Keep you Organized

Backpack Organizer

For those of you who travel with a backpack as your personal item to carry on the plane, a backpack organizer makes it easier to find things quickly with pockets designed for a laptop or tablet, chargers, ear buds, phone, notebook, pens, and travel documents. It also provides some structure to those backpacks that may not hold shape well.

This one will have your back (pack).

Packing Cubes

It may sound over the top but organizing your luggage can keep the ‘messy pile of clothes’ syndrome at bay and help reduce overpacking. How, you ask? Using packing cubes to hold whole outfits (I can get 2 or 3 in one cube depending on the size) gives you a better overall picture of what and how much you are packing so you can avoid throwing in extra stuff “just in case”. These packing cubes have a 5-star review and a great variety of colors to choose from.

Toiletry Pouches

Great quality pouches for hair, skin, and body products are a must for travelers. Although we call them toiletry pouches, they can be used for everything from snacks to holding chargers for electronics. Organize away with this collection, which can also be personalized - your toiletries, snacks, and chargers never looked so good!

Charging Bank

Picture this, you just get settled into your seat on the airplane (after sanitizing of course!) and realize your phone is at 6% battery which doesn’t bode well for that podcast you were planning on listening to during the flight. You plug your charger into the airplane outlet and…. nothing. This charging bank will get you charged up and comes in a 2-pack. Talk about electrifying!

International Plug Adapter

Taking a trip across the pond? Make sure you are prepared with an international plug adapter. It may sound like overkill to keep one with you, but it could save you in a jiffy if you needed to pop into a café, get a coffee, and charge your phone/laptop/charging bank all at once. Clothing Steamer

Who’s got time for wrinkled clothing when you are traveling? It may not be a concern if you are taking a relaxing vacation that doesn’t require formal wear but for a business trip or that formal night on a cruise…wrinkles are the enemy. A portable clothing steamer can save the day and steam out any ‘wrinkles’ in your plans (see what I did there?). Now, if only it would work on those stubborn laugh lines. Luggage Scale

We all like to think calories don’t count on vacation but tell that to your luggage. Keeping track of the luggage weight gain on a trip is essential to keeping airline fees at bay. No one likes to repack luggage in the baggage check-in line and with this luggage scale you won’t have to. Stackable Make-up

Packing light can be key to an organized business trip. A jumbled make-up pouch can take up more space than you think. Imagine having a neat cylindrical stack of make-up with your chosen shades to keep you looking your best on the go. Make-up managed. Travel First Aid Kit

Being prepared shouldn’t just be a mantra for boy scouts. Having a travel first aid kit is always on our list when we pack for trips. You never know when a band-aid, gloves, or a rescue whistle will come in handy but when you need them, they’ll be there. Water Bottle

If reducing your carbon footprint is a goal, then keeping a reusable water bottle with you for travel can help you reach it. Hydration is important while traveling (we don’t mean cocktails on the plane) and this stainless-steel water bottle is available in many sizes and colors so you can get your hydration in whatever size and color tickles your fancy.


By Karen O'Brien


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We are hoping these travel essentials help to make your trips more organized and if there is anything you think we should have included, then drop us a line at Hearing from you makes our day!



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