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Where We Want to Wander in 2024

Travel is in our DNA. It connects us with the world around us and creates memories that will last a lifetime. We asked our Winni Wanderer team what destinations are on their 2024 wish list, and here are their answers.

Winni Wanderer | Alaska Where We Want to Wander in 2024


“I grew up in Alaska because my dad was stationed there in the United States Marine Corps, so I’m looking forward to returning as an adult to create my own itinerary! The landscape is breathtaking. I would love to combine a cruise with a land tour but also find ways to go off the beaten path. Seeing the northern lights, taking a hike to view wildlife, and learning about the native culture would make it a trip to remember. On my list of places to visit are Kodiak Island for a fishing excursion, Anchorage to experience the culinary scene and view the northern lights, and of course, Denali National Park.”

- Karen O.

Winni Wanderer | Antarctica Where We Want to Wander in 2024


“Antarctica is definitely number one on my list of wandering wishes. It may seem like a desolate place, but there’s so much to see there! And if you are a cold-weather, snow-thriving person like me, then discovering all Antarctica has to offer will be a thrill. As far as activities, seeing the penguins migrate is a priority for me (it’s a lifelong dream of mine), but I’m also looking forward to visiting a research station, kayaking in the Southern Ocean, snowshoeing on a glacier, taking in all the breathtaking sites, and truly connecting with nature.”

- Sandy C.

Winni Wanderer | Australia Where We Want to Wander in 2024

Australia & New Zealand

“I’d love to plan a trip to Australia and New Zealand. It’s been on my family’s bucket list for a while, and it’s definitely a destination our adventurous daughter would love. Uluru (Ayers Rock), Tongariro National Park, Sydney, Melbourne, and the Great Barrier Reef would be the top spots to visit on our list. We’re hoping to see lots of native wildlife while we’re there like kangaroos, koalas, kiwi, and Tasmanian devils just to name a few.”

 - Darlene C.

Winni Wanderer | Fiji Islands Where We Want to Wander in 2024

Fiji Islands

“The gorgeous beaches, crystal-clear lagoons, and the balmy weather are just some of the reasons I want to visit Fiji. I’d like to enjoy a day at Natadola beach on Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu; snorkel at Astrolabe reef in Kadavu (hoping to see a hammerhead shark!) and take in the local culture on Beqa Island where you can see traditional firewalking rituals.”

 - David T.

Winni Wanderer | France Where We Want to Wander in 2024


“I’d love to spend a couple of days in Paris for the city experience. Visiting the Louvre, see the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower, tour the Château de Versailles, and of course, enjoy dining at French cafes. Then, Champagne and Beaune are places I would love to go to tour wineries, as French wine is my favorite. Nice is on the list for a variety of reasons - to soak up some sun on a Mediterranean beach, shop at the outdoor Cours Saleya Market, and an exploration of Old Town.”  - Chelsie F.

Winni Wanderer | Iceland Where We Want to Wander in 2024


“When I travel, I always like to learn about the history of the land and the locals as well as sample the local cuisine. Soaking in the geothermal spas, learning about Viking history, and viewing the northern lights are just a few of the things I’d like to do on my trip to Iceland. I can’t wait to take in the stunning views - from waterfalls to lava fields – and check out geothermal energy in action!”  - Debbie A.

Winni Wanderer | Ireland Where We Want to Wander in 2024


“My top destination to visit in 2024 is Ireland. I’m excited to explore the West Coast of Ireland which is known for its spectacular views and gorgeous coastline, and County Mayo, where I can connect with my Irish family’s roots before visiting nearby Galway. My family and I would love to attend one of Galway’s famous festivals (as it’s known as the “festival capital of Ireland”) and visit the Renaissance-style Galway Cathedral.  - Jeanine K.

Winni Wanderer | Italy Where We Want to Wander in 2024


“Tracing my family roots has been a passion of mine for many years. My family immigrated to America from Italy, so I’d love to visit there in 2024 and connect with the part of my family that still lives there today. I’d start by spending time with family in a little east coast village called Sortino, and then head to Palermo, Sicily’s capital city where my grandparents began their voyage to America.” - Donna G.

Winni Wanderer | Yellowstone National Park Where We Want to Wander in 2024

Yellowstone National Park

“In 2024, my family is planning a trip to the world’s first national park – Yellowstone! Yellowstone is larger than Delaware and Rhode Island combined, so there is no fear of my kids running out of room to explore. We are excited for the hikes, history, horseback riding and hot springs. The kids are also going to love checking out the visitor centers and learning about the wildlife in the area.” - Jen U.

Where do you want to wander in 2024? Have a great travel destination suggestion? Reach out to us at Hearing from you will make our day!


By the Winni Wanderer team




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